Tune in: From the Ground Up on CFCR90.5FM Weds 6:30pm

CJS is now responsible for a weekly slot on Saskatoon’s community radio station, CFCR (90.5 FM).  From the Ground Up is broadcast on Wednesdays at 6:30pm, and a number of us will take turns to host the programme.

After broadcast, we are posting the audio file on SoundCloud.

In the second episode, broadcast on September 28, Mark Bigland-Pritchard interviewed Julee Sanderson from the Canadian Union of Postal Workers and experienced environmental and labour activist Cat Gendron on how climate and environmental justice can go hand in hand with labour rights and job creation.

Here it is on SoundCloud

In the first episode, Julia Gonzalez and Mark Bigland-Pritchard launched the programme with an interview with Peter Prebble of the Saskatchewan Environmental Society about the Husky Oil spill.

And here is that first episode on SoundCloud

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  1. Has your group considered hosting a peaceful protest in China, Russia or the US. These countries are responsible for the Lions share of the world’s carbon, and even if Canada didn’t produce any carbon at all, we can’t save the world unless the countries most responsible comply. Are we not carbon neutral in Saskatchewan once you factor in the fact that our province is comprised of 50 percent forest? A single tree does consume a lot of carbon and releases oxygen. I am not trying to stir the pot, but I am concerned that Potash prices are low, uranium prices are low, oil prices are low, natural gas prices are low, and it was a bad year for farming. Cost of living has spiked, and most seniors are lucky to be getting 2 percent on their money in the bank. Is there a solution where we could create more jobs, and improve the environment without a new tax. Lastly, if a national carbon tax is introduced, will the money paid by this province, be spent in this province for new alternative energy solutions, or would it simply be sent to Ottawa? I would like to learn more, and I look forward to your reply.

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