We haven’t posted for a while.  That’s not because we haven’t been doing anything – it’s more because we’ve been doing too many other things! But this weekend our friends in Regina are organising a climate rally.  And here is a guest post from one of those organisers, Frances Simonson:

Saskatchewan will participate in the international People’s Climate March on April 29th from 12-2pm at the Saskatchewan Legislative Building, Regina. (Facebook link here). A number of community organizations will share their messages immediately following the march.

Organizers have arranged for face painting, and children’s activities led by Prairie Sky School to take place during the speakers, and for a number of reasons. Firstly, parents care about this issue but it can sometimes be difficult to attend events like this with young children. Secondly and more importantly, what would youth and children say if we were listening to them? Shouldn’t it be up to them, as it is to their future that we are applying so much risk? Saskatchewan’s Youth of the Earth team will be there to collect participants in the lawsuit that will soon be filed by youth age 25 and under, against the provincial and federal governments (Insert Youth of the Earth Facebook page link). Other speakers include Regina Blue Dot, Council of Canadians (re: Line 3 Pipeline), Public Pastures Public Interest, The Aloha project, SaskOutdoor, and Prairie Sky School.

Two keynote addresses will be made by local Indigenous teachers and leaders, sisters Wendy Lynn Lerat and Susan Beaudin. Originally from Broadview, Wendy Lynn and Susan were passed the Oral History of Treaty No.4 from their father. Susan currently consults for the Alberta Board of Education and Wendy Lynn is a teacher at FNUC.