At the end of April we sent a letter to Premier Scott Moe urging the Saskatchewan Party government to reconsider its response to the Kinder Morgan TransMountain pipeline dispute. The letter was signed by 8 other organizations and collectives, 136 Saskatchewan residents and 35 other people from places across the country, from BC to Ontario. You can read the letter here.

We recently received a response from the premier, which you can read below. While perhaps not entirely unexpected, some might find the response surprising in its simplistic grasp of the issues at hand.


Thank you for your email regarding the Saskatchewan government’s response to the British Columbia government’s refusal to allow the Kinder Morgan/Trans-Mountain pipeline to proceed.

Canada was founded on the principle of creating an economic union that would benefit all provinces and citizens in our federation. The Government of Canada has a responsibility to protect and defend this foundational economic union.

It is our position that the Government of British Columbia has no legal jurisdiction or justification to delay or impede the construction of the Trans Mountain pipeline.

The Government of Saskatchewan will join the Government of Alberta in bringing forth legislation regarding the export of energy product which will support Saskatchewan workers and Canada’s economy.

Thank you for writing.


Scott Moe

Moe Response

Premier Moe’s response