Urgent: Help Us Support Climate Action in Saskatoon!

Dear Friends,


We are seeking your support in helping Saskatoon take a step forward toward strong climate action. As you may know, the City of Saskatoon recently released the Low Emissions Community Plan, a 30 year roadmap to achieve the City’s target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050. The plan contains 40 suggested emissions reduction actions. All of these actions will help reduce the contribution Saskatoon is making to climate change, which is causing warmer, wetter and wilder weather. We hope you agree that as one of the largest per capita emitters of greenhouse gases in the world, it’s time for Saskatoon to take steps, in line with the global Paris Climate Agreement, to significantly reduce our emissions.


This Low Emissions Community Plan will be going to the City of Saskatoon Standing Policy Committee on Environment, Utilities and Corporate Services on August 6. It will then be going to City Council on August 26.


We are asking you to contact your city councillor with personalized messages asking for strong climate action in the city, including measures outlined in the report and/or other ideas that people have for making a dent in emissions. You can email your City Councillor a personalized message here: https://www.saskatoon.ca/city-hall/mayor-city-councillors/contact-your-city-councillor. If you have time to ask others in your network to do so too, that will add to our impact!


We need lots of folks that care about this city and this planet to put their minds to creatively think about how to take Saskatoon from laggard to leader in the global climate movement. We have created social media material about the report, which can be found (and downloaded) below, and which you can use to build awareness in your networks. You might include ideas from your discussion in your letters to councillors, or find other ways to share them. We’d also love to hear your ideas – please share them at climateactionsk@gmail.com or tweet @CJSaskatoon.


Together, we can achieve these targets, and move toward a better future.


In solidarity.


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