A few weeks ago we posted to urge folks to get in touch with their councillor and express support for the Low Emissions Community Plan, which will be going before City Council this coming Monday, August 26. There is still time between now and then to contact your councillor and Council as a whole to urge them to approve the plan, which represents a significant step forward for climate action in Saskatoon. It’s not a perfect plan, but getting it passed would be a major step towards getting us on the right track.

In addition to writing and expressing your support, we’re inviting everyone to join us at the City Council meeting, which begins at 1PM at City Hall (on Monday, August 26). From 12-1PM, just before the meeting, we’ll be hosting an engagement event outside City Hall where folks can come and learn more, ask questions, share their thoughts, and generally express their support. You can find details here.

When: Monday, August 26, 12-1PM
Where: City Hall, 222 3rd Ave N
What: Engage with us about the Low Emissions Community Plan

You can find shareable images on our Twitter page here if you would like to help spread the word. We hope you’ll join us on Monday, and even if you can’t, that you’ll contact your councillor to let them know that you support bold climate action in Saskatoon!

You can also listen to this episode of From the Ground Up, which focuses on the plan:


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