The COVID-19 pandemic has already had far-reaching social and economic impacts, and it is as yet unclear how profound those impacts will be. The pandemic has presented a classic ‘shock doctrine’ moment, which Naomi Klein has described as periods of crisis that open opportunities for rapid transformational change; while corporations often try to exploit such crises to further their interests, civil society, if organized, can also demand changes that benefit everyone. We already know that Canada’s oil & gas industry has taken this opportunity to lobby for deregulation of the environment, and more. Just this week, though, The Leap began unveiling calls for a “People’s Bailout,” which prioritizes the needs of the many. Discussion of what a ‘green recovery’ could look like are gaining momentum.

Now, we would love to hear from you! What could and should a green recovery look like in Saskatoon, and the province more broadly? What lessons can we learn from the pandemic that are relevant to climate justice? What actions should our governments be taking? What are your hopes for a green recovery?!

Check out the graphics below, and feel welcome to share them. You can participate in this conversation by responding to us directly through email, or on social media starting this weekend. If participating on social media, please use the hashtags #GreenRecoveryYXE & #GreenRecoverySK to help us keep track!

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With hope for a just & ‘green’ recovery,
Your friends at CJS

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