Date & Time: Nov 4, 12-3 pm
Location: Outside MP Brad Redekopp’s office, 904E – 22nd Street West, Saskatoon (near Granada House)
Format: We’ll start off with a couple speakers who will discuss the climate crisis and solutions, then we’ll rally and march along 22nd Street! Afterwards, we’ll regroup at Freda Ahenakew Library for a free meal provided by Food Not Bombs and additional speakers and conversation on how we can enact change.
We estimate the event will end around 3 pm, but if it’s a particularly cold day we might shorten the march. Masks are encouraged! Please dress for the weather.

Key messages:

    • Socio-environmental issues are linked 
      • In common language: Extractive industries like coal and oil destroy habitat and pollute the air we breath and the water we drink. This drives biodiversity loss and climate change, which worsens food availability, drought, disease, intense weather, flooding, fires, conflict, and the list goes on. These issues affect marginalized people the most and reinforce systemic disparities.
    • A just transition is possible. Doing so will pave the way to a more equitable and healthy society for current and future generations.
      • In common language: We have the technology to rapidly shift to a renewable-only energy grid in a way that creates good jobs. Doing this will reduce pollution and limit climate change.
    • We need collective action, not just individual action. 
      • In common language: Fossil fuel companies try to escape blame by putting the onus of fighting climate change on individuals. In order to achieve system change and stop climate change, we need to go beyond individual actions.