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Day of Action for a Just Transition

Climate Justice Saskatoon invites you and yours to attend our Day of Action for a Just Transition Panel Discussion on Saturday, March 12th! Where will you be working in 10 years? What kind of employment will be available to today’s youth in 20 years? What will happen...

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From the Ground Up has been on the air weekly since the fall of 2016 - you can still catch it every Wednesday evening at 6:30pm on CFCR 90.5FM, Saskatoon's community radio station! The show is now also available on Spotify, so you can follow there and have new...

A framework for addressing the climate emergency

(Note: you can find an episode of From the Ground Up on this topic below) As I indicated in my last blog post, the recent 6th Assessment Report from Working Group 1 of the IPCC makes it clearer than ever that we are facing an emergency.  The impact of greenhouse gas...