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You may remember that in June of 2022, we sponsored refugees from Afghanistan that were involved in Climate Action and Womens’ Rights work in Afghanistan. One of those refugees was Kamila.

Kamila has only been in Canada for a matter of months and she has already joined with CJS’s Refugee Sponsorship Group to bring her brother Ali to Saskatoon. The sponsorship group is aiming to raise $22,500 to bring these siblings together.

The majority of Kamila & Ali’s family is in Kabul where they are at risk of being targeted by the Taliban because of their Shia religion and Hazara ethnicity. Kamila’s younger brother, Ali, faces additional risk because of his martial arts practice. Ali has a black belt in tae kwon do and when the Taliban forbade the practice of martial arts, they began bombing gyms like his in neighborhoods close by. Just after his 17th birthday, Ali escaped Afghanistan in the fall of 2021.

He has no legal status in the country where he currently resides and is under threat of deportation back to Afghanistan. Because of the threats he faces in his home country, returning there is unthinkable. Ali is determined to join his sister and hopes to study computer science and return to competitive tae kwon do when he settles in Saskatoon.

Reuniting Kamila and Ali will bring them both comfort, a sense of safety, and the hope and possibility they need to re-envision their futures here in Canada. Please consider donating, and share this message within your own circles. Any donation over $25 is eligible for a charitable tax receipt through Mennonite Central Committee (MCC).

For more information, please visit the donation page by clicking the button below.

Some recent media about our sponsorship:

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