About Climate Justice Saskatoon

What we’re about

We care passionately about Saskatoon and want to help build a just and sustainable future for this city and the province of Saskatchewan. We’re deeply concerned about climate change and the social, economic and environmental injustices that make it the greatest challenge of our time. But we remain hopeful that by working together creatively we can not just survive but flourish and create a better society for everyone – a society based on cooperation and compassion, on meaningful reconciliation, on renewable energy and on community.

Climate Justice Saskatoon (CJS) has been organizing in the city for several years. We recognize that the time is now to push for justice-based solutions to climate change here at home – solutions that will prioritize the needs of those most impacted by climate change, and solutions that create a more just, sustainable, and healthy society for all of us.

What we do

We’re a busy collective of busy people who are always looking for ways to collaborate with and work in solidarity with others. Please get in touch if you would like to collaborate or if we can help with your work.

Meet dedicated members and groups from your own community, who are working on projects dedicated to saving the environment and combating climate change, ensuring a just transition while doing so more importantly, learn how you can help!

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