Talking point #5: assessing climate change initiatives for economic impact

At the First Ministers’ meeting in Vancouver this year, First Ministers agreed to work collaboratively on the development of a pan-Canadian climate strategy.  I was pleased the Vancouver Declaration, which First Ministers agreed to, highlights that major climate change initiatives need to be assessed for both economic as well as environmental impacts

– Brad Wall

Mr. Wall and his colleagues need to ask themselves a few questions in this context:

  • What will be the impact of inadequate climate action worldwide on the economy?
  • Is the current fossil-based economy stable or sustainable?
  • What measures are needed to grow the climate-friendly elements in the economy while permitting the high-emissions elements to shrink?
  • Is the economy for the benefit of the whole community, or just for those able to benefit from resource booms?

Mr. Wall has substantial resources at his disposal to enable him to seek answers. He should be using them. But these are also questions which we should all be asking, and to which we should all be trying to find answers.

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