A chance to learn how to find out what Big Carbon is doing

It’s no secret that corporate power is a major obstacle to ambitious action on climate change, and the interests of communities and places we’re fighting for. The more we know about the companies we’re grappling with, the better equipped we’ll be to respond. 

That’s why the Corporate Mapping Project (CMP) is inviting you to take part in an online workshop on investigative corporate research skills on Tuesday June 8th tailored to those working to understand, expose and/or challenge fossil fuel industry power (whether in relation to a specific corporation or industry proposal, or more broadly). 

This session will introduce the CMP’s online database of the key players in Canada’s fossil fuel industry and share  investigative strategies to research corporations in any sector—such as identifying shareholders, doing biographical research, basics of reading annual reports and searching lobbying registries. The workshop concludes with a network mapping tutorial using Oligrapher; an online, open-source power mapping tool created by CMP partner Littlesis.org. 

RSVP:   Mark Bigland-Pritchard    mark@lowenergydesign.com

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